Pragyan Gour
Visual Merchandise Designer

I started to follow his work during my graduation and eventually it inspired me to follow him on path of product design also. During my pg in product design I worked under him for a month internship where I learnt his methods of evolving design through up cycling metal scrap where I learnt a lot about design, client management, insights of a design process and its implementation. Including this internship his guidance helped me a lot in many design projects. While working together we developed a common vision towards design which led to little collaboration where I explored about transforming ideas into reality.

Deval and I have a shared history of being in the same school, same undergraduate course and having similar career goals in life. He was three years ahead of me, and has always inspired me with his passion for work and his creative vision with every project. In 2012, I met Deval for the first time in my undergraduate college. And I immediately caught on to him as this friendly elder brother figure, who wouldn’t just go on to guide me with academics, but would also keep me on the edge of my interest in learning design as a course. 2015-2017, I’ve worked, learnt and grew with him not only as a fellow design enthusiast, but as a person too. I was a part of his initial journey of setting up his studio and exhibitions. Despite his unique way of approaching work/scrap art, he would promote me to indulge in the design process of his projects. I’d happily acknowledge and try and implement the skills I’ve been gaining simultaneously. It has been close to 3 years now, since I moved on to a new chapter in my life. But the prelude to my current chapter is incomplete without Deval and the network of people I’ve met through him. Nonetheless, he served to be a great friend, elder brother, mentor, facilitator for me ever since.

Justin Samuel
MDes. Product Design
National Institute of Design
Manpreet Singh
Design Aspirant & Final Year Student

I, former intern at deval’s and currently pursuing the last year of mechanical engineering. I am completely sure within myself that deval bhaiya is one of the most creative and passionate men I’ve ever met.  I’ve learned about many things during my internship like designing, manufacturing and machining operations, marketing, material management, etc. But the most important thing I’ve learned from deval bhaiya is the way to follow your passion. One of the best characteristics of this artist is the dedication and courage to do what is needed to be done, no matter what time or situation it is. I personally think that there isn’t a single chance that anyone can find a reason to not work with him.  If anyone’s looking for the exposure of creativity and art, Deval’s is one of the best places you can look up to.  I am looking forward to work with Deval bhaiya again in the future.

The word Being a passionate art lover n creator attracted me as a magnate to indulge into the project, it is a great achievement working with deval Verma on its own. Durning projects I tried hands-on creations out of metal scrap which enhanced in-depth skills about how to complement the art with vivid metals and materials like vehicle parts & more. Utmost learning that taught me a lot was “art & designing is not to be served for free at any cost”. And last but not yet least “working as a team can build Big Things”

Prakhar Kasliwal
Photographer/Owner (Dastakara Studio)
Aman Pandey (Bantoo)
Final Year Student, MBA

The word Artist may describe him correctly but partially. Deval Verma, for me, Deval sir is a person with a very exquisite personality. He was my college senior. Well I never got a chance to interact with him. Actually he was the senior of my super seniors. Common interests of mechanical and automobile stuffs between us were the reason we are working together and rather than co-workers, we are good friends. Working with deval sir is a lot fun. Here at Devals, I was free to share ideas, create stuffs, chill and eat as much as possible. Working on different projects lets you unearth yourself. At first I thought Deval sir as snobby and audacious but I was completely mistaken. This person is so humble, fun loving, caring, supportive. It feels great to be attached with this personality and his works. Apart from this, I got to meet fews solemn delegates. As well as exploring Indore! The life at Devals, the time spent is lovely and memories worth cherishing also not to forget some amazing team members. Thats all I can say ! 

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